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Daily Diary

my favorite sexual positions♡

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Hi,I’m Yumeno.(*´ω`*)

Today, I would like to talk about my favorite sexual positions.♪


About my favorite sexual position


Normal position♡


Until recently my favorite sexual position was the normal one.

You feel the love, and you can cum while looking at your partner’s face.(*´v`)

But lately I’ve been thinking that I love the “from the back” position.


From the back position♡


Being pierced to the end repeatedly feels really good and I get excited.(*ノ∪`*)

The way the man exposes his lust also makes me get chills.

I don’t know what face he makes, but even if for exsmple he yawns, my M nature gets stimulated.( * ›ω‹ )


Riding position.♡


I like the riding position too.

This too, when it hits the end I feel good and it hurts…

It just as good as the other and the fact that I can see the man’s struggling-like face excites me.

This time my S nature is stimulated.(´ω`人)


What sexual position do you like?


Ok then…See you later. ♡



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