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Daily Diary

I might be as sexy as a quiet girl…

japnesegirl ol


Hi,I’m Yumeno.(∩ˊ꒳ˋ∩)・*


Usually, I am an office lady


I usually do office administration work.

Putting together the materials the bussinessmen bring me…

Bringing tea to clients…

Almost all kinds of jobs.ヽ( ´_`)丿


I get nervous when serving tea to the company’s employees…


Recently, I don’t panic anymore when it comes to the people in our company, but…

I am bad at communication, so I get nervous and have a hard time when serving tea.|v・`)ノ|Ю


The moment when I become alone with just one person


Knock knock!


*door opens*


“Sorry for disturbing…”


Umm, the moment when I serve tea.


If there was only one person, it would be just the 2 of us together in a locked room, right?


It’s not a long time, but sometimes I start getting pervy delusions.




Thinking about it makes my job a little more enjoyable.

Delusions are spices.(*´v`)

If the people in the company were to know that I think about such things

they would probably be surprised.




Ok then…See you later.

We hope you’ll be having a great day♡




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