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Daily Diary

The first masturbation goods for me♡

The first masturbation goods


Hi,I’m Yumeno.(∩ˊ꒳ˋ∩)・*


The truth is I


Even if I seem like it…


I have never bought adult items yet.Σ(´Д`*)


Today is the Friday going out


By the way, Today was the Friday going out, right?♪


It looked like there was also a drinking party with the people at the company, but…


It’s quite a difficult event to attend for a person as timid as I am.(˘•ᴥ•˘)


So stealthily, I returned home.( *ˊᵕˋ ) ⁾⁾


Shopping on the way home


And then I did some shopping on the way home.♪


Sake and…



A big macaron flavoured ice-cream and…



And a mini-electric massager…



※Popular adult goods in Japan


Electric massager?


What?( ›ω‹ )


I mustered up some courage and bought one.♡


When I brought it to the cash register, the shop assistant looked inside the box…


And he smirked at me.(´;ω;`)


So embarrassing…



There are various sex toys


As I got home and searched about it on the computer,


I found out that now, there is a variety of adult items.(°_°)


For example, a bear rubber vibrator which even if found could deceive the person that it is something else.



W…what does a vibrator that “sticks to” mean?


Sound wave vibrations…!?(*´°`*)


I want to test it…



When refering to adult items, all I knew was “electric massager” and “pink egg vibrator”…


I want to try all kinds of stuff.(*ノ∪`*)


Well then, starting now it’s time to have fun!♡


Ok then…See you later.

We hope you’ll be having a great day♡




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