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Disclaimer / privacy policy



About us

The site address is https://japanerogirls.com.




The copyright and every other right regarding the content on this blog belong to the administrator of this blog.


Regarding all the contents being offered on this blog, using them outside the blog (secondary usage like: duplication, diversion, resale, etc.) is forbidden.


In the unlikely case that soumeone uses it without permission, we will claim the corresponding usage rights.


Merchandise for sale


Digital contents.

*The content on the blog is in accordance with the Japanese municipal law.


Collecting money and the management that accompanies it


Company name: FC2, Inc.

Address:4730 South Fort Apache Road Suite 300 Las Vegas, NV89147


Operating environment


PC and smartphone.


Merchandise reading limit


Generally without limit.

*Depending on the intentions of FC2.Inc , there are times when reading becomes unavailable.


Payment methods


・Credit card

・FC2 points (settlement, PAYG, bank transfer, credit card)

*The usage details description is “FC2,INC.”

The name of this blog won’t be specified, so don’t worry if you don’t see it.


Merchandise delivery method


Via internet

You will become able to read as soon as you you complete the payment process.


Returning merchandise.


Due to the nature of the merchandise, returning it is not possible.


Personal information


The personal information of the buyer will be managed by FC2.Inc

None of it will be reported to this blog.


Exemption from responsibility


In the case of obstacles or natural disasters befalling the server, or due to personal circumstances etc. , depending on whether the problems persist or not, there’s a possibility of the reading feature becoming unavailable or the site being closed.

At such times, this blog won’t take any responsibility regarding the compensation to the buyer.

We will try to be as careful as possible operating and managing this blog, but

if there is any problem with the accuracy or suitability, we will change/delete information without notice.

We cannot take any responsibility for any damage/loss you suffer by using the information on this blog.


We kindly ask for your understanding.


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